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 At Salon Valkyrie by Elena Gully I offer the highest quality hair salon services in Scottsdale. Specializing in the latest technologies and master color techniques, I offer the best experience you can find. Read on to learn all about the amazing services I provide to my customers. Bookings are by appointment only, so make yours today!

Learn about 'ShimmerCut'

ShimmerCut… What’s that? Only at Salon Valkyrie by Elena Gully can you have this exclusive service in America. Customers love it! ShimmerCut is a European technique (using a special tool) that removes split ends while preserving hair length. Your hair will regain its natural beauty, shine, smoothness, and will be noticeably easier to comb. 


Luxurious blonde is possible and you are in the right hands.  I will help make your dream come true and choose your hair color that will make you attractive and stunning.  Blond is a process achieved in several stages.  For a chic shade, I first need to bleach the hair, then apply the desired shade.  If interested sign up.

Creating individual color is always interesting, stylish and unique. With my extensive experience in coloring and my individual approach, I will match your personal color and help you maintain it over the years!

Roots touch-up                $140

Primary hair color   $155 and up

Gloss or Toner        $75 and up

f you are looking for Sun kisses, Airtouch, Balayage, Highlights or you need your color corrected, or perhaps would like to try a new technique, then you definitely need to contact me.  I am ready to spend as long as it takes to create your individual image and make you happy.  I developed my individual techniques, and it is important to me to preserve the quality of your hair and teach you how to really care of your hair.  Hair is a beautiful decoration, and I know how important it is!

Treatment for Hair

Botox for Hair

Botox for Hair repairs the damage deep in your hair structure, leaving your hair luxuriously smooth and silky, easy to comb, with a glossy sheen. Perfect for blond hair. Using this treatment, the hair shaft is sealed, split ends disappear, and frizz is diminished. Botox for Hair is perfect for hair that is overworked by curling, coloring, heat treatment, or even just the Arizona sun or chlorinated water. Botox for Hair takes less time than other treatments, and its effects last for weeks.

Keratin or
Brazilian Blowout


ant your hair straight and smooth, even in Arizona summer? The sun and the pool are no match for the New Gold-infused Brazilian Blowout or Keratin COCOCHOCO. This premium product and my technique make your hair extraordinarily smooth, restoring your hair’s natural beauty. Giving your hair a strong and smooth texture that lasts for months. Gold Brazilian Blowout also has an anti-static effect and protects your hair from damaging saltwater, chlorine water, and heat. Your hair becomes shiny, soft, and easy to manage. Gold Brazilian Blowout by Elena Gully saves you time – your hair dries faster and does not frizz even in humid or rainy weather. Gold Brazilian Blowout repairs and strengthens damaged hair, and your straightened hair stays straight. So if you’ve been dreaming of strong, smooth, obedient hair, dream no more!

$275 and up


Be stunning at your party. I can create various hairstyles ranging from Hollywood curls to the most complex Updo constructions. In the salon, there are portfolios of images to help you choose. Out-of-salon service is available with a three-hour minimum. Remember, you are the most beautiful lady and you should look amazing!

Shampoo & Style                 $52 and up

Curls (for 60 minutes)                $125 and up

Up Do                               $275 and up

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